Analysis/opinion pieces and interviews

Here is a list of some of analysis/opinion pieces and interviews, hyperlinked to the respective page on Hindustan Times website.

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Bombs and boycott: ‘celebrating’ Independence Day in the northeast

Amid rage over ‘Love Jihad’ what about what women want?

Is this Nobel? Pointing out Malala, Satyarthi’s religion

Sorry Shweta, we let you down

Dear Modi Sarkar, respect intellectuals and please respond

The politics of an assassination: Who killed Gandhi and why?

When a woman’s choice to love and live becomes her death wish

Why and how has multicultural India become racist?

Identity and crisis: Nagaland lynching reflects Northeast’s fissures

Porn ban, hate speech: When political hues decide personal liberties

Five reasons why I didn’t participate in the Yoga Day celebrations

The sad story of #RANDI and the disguised misogyny in it on Twitter

Muslim, vice president: Hamid Ansari becomes fair game for attacks

Netaji Bose vs Nehru: Political rivalry or historical myth?

Truth about Nehru: Why conspiracy theorists are wrong about him

Nehru, Edwina: Rebutting conspiracy theorists’ pet ‘affair’

Hounding a giant: Twitter fanatics attack Amartya Sen

Have you been trolled? Challenging the defence of India’s ‘bhakts’

A spaghetti tale: An open letter to Maggi, my staple food

What Indians can learn from a mom who wants sons to see her naked

What does Brandon ‘Humans of New York’ Stanton’s popularity signify?

Why people watch rape videos: Psychology and technology of it

AIB roast: Move beyond freedom of speech, seek reason

What Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Masaan teach us about realities of caste

The real Bhagat Singh: Secular, socialist and tolerant

A revolutionary life: The Bhagat Singh you didn’t know

Neither Right nor Left: Politics on Bhagat Singh insulting his legacy

An open letter to right-wing hardliners, please stop spewing venom

Five most irritating people you meet in Delhi Metro

Modi’s Abu Dhabi mosque visit symbolic, but don’t call it secular

‘Quit India’: Movement to make people leave country gathers pace

Indrani or Sunanda, crime becomes occasion to judge women

Scandal again: Sheena Bora, slandered like Aarushi Talwar

Why Kashmiris hate ‘Indian media’



‘Still don’t know reason for undemocratic ban’: IIT-M students

The attention I received was uncomfortable: Brit traveller masturbated at speaks out

Meet Kamlesh Vaswani, the lawyer behind India’s porn ban

The problem with India is its extreme inequality: Piketty at JLF 2016

Feminism is believing women are human beings too: Margaret Atwood

Indian army’s behaviour during the 1971 war was extraordinary: Salil Tripathi

Theatre, not gun, is the weapon of resistance for these West Bank refugees

Meet Akram Feroze, activist illegally detained in Rajasthan